Hottest Male and Female Characters in Skyrim

Who's hot and who's not in Skyrim? For some reason people have always been interested in these sorts of lists, and since I happen to be in a unique position to gather relevant data about this question, I thought I'd post the results here.

This data is based on the number of downloads each character in my Famous Faces of Skyrim NPC slider database gets. It's not very accurate, as some of these characters have been available for download for longer than others, but it should become progressively more accurate over time. If people dl a character, its not usually just because they think they're hot: a lot of players aren't going for hotness so much as coolness, so the results should be read as a mix of coolness and hotness. (Wow, that sounds weird.)

I've also included information about the race of the character, more out of my own interest than anything else.

So, who are the hottest male and female characters in Skyrim?

Top 10 Hottest Female Characters in Skyrim (End of July, 2012)
Character Total Downloads Race Aela the Huntress
Aela 1910 Nord
Astrid 873 Nord
Lydia 716 Nord
Alva 695 Nord
Karliah 602 Dunmer
Hroki 597 Nord
Muiri 423 Breton
Lisette 411 Breton
Annekke 309 Nord
Camilla 297 Imperial
Top 10 Hottest Male Characters in Skyrim (End of July, 2012)
Character Total Downloads Race Ulfric Stormcloak
Ancano 498 Altmer
Brynjolf 433 Nord
Cicero 378 Imperial
Ulfric 363 Nord
Farkas 338 Nord
Balgruuf 293 Nord
Erik the Slayer 293 Nord
Sheogorath 278 Breton
Arnbjorn 203 Nord
General Tullius 201 Imperial



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