Desktop Wallpaper Themes for Skyrim

I'm pretty sure that Skyrim has produced more screenshots than any other game in the history of gaming. Skyrim is an incredibly beautiful place (though it's often a very chilly one) and it begs to have pictures taken of it: misty mountain peaks, bubbling streams, tundra where mammoths and giants roam, autumnal forests, steaming mud flats, and artic seas are just some of the fantastic environments you can expect to explore. I've been using screenshots from the game as desktop themes ever since the game came out in November and I thought I might as well share some of them with you. I have to emphasize, though: as good as these screenshots look, the environments look even better in game.

Note: The screenshots are 1920 x 1080. Right-click to View Image Save Image As.

For tips on creating your own screenshots, check out my tutorial on HubPages: How to Take Screenshots in Skyrim.

Hidden in the mountain. Green haze. Fantastic pipes.
Autumn forest and bridge over stream. Mountain peak. A starry night sky.
Arctic tundra coast under a pink evening sky. A firefly glowing in the marsh at night. Freezing arctic waters and ice bergs.
Snowy trees gleaming in the crisp dawn sunlight. A mammoth and giant in the distance on the tundra. A mysterious path into the mountains.
An old tree with butterflies. Inside the Blue Palace in Solitude. A rustic winter scene of a horse and carriage in front of a mountain.

Terms of Use: Feel free to use these images as wallpaper for your desktop, or for articles about gaming or Skyrim. If you do use one of these images in an article, just include a link back to truancyfactory, no need to ask for permission. I'd be happy to hear about your article or site, though, so feel free to leave me an email telling me about it. :)

Last updated March 12, 2012

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