Stickier Locks

Stickier Locks: Lockpicking Tweak for Skyrim

Stickier Locks changes the feel of lockpicking. It makes locks harder to pick by greatly reducing the size of the sweetspot. At the same time, it makes lockpicks stronger. Because the picks are stronger, they provide more 'wiggle room' but because the sweet spot is smaller, it's harder to jiggle the pick into the right position. The result is that locks feel 'sticky'. It now feels like you're forcing a stubborn lock to open using a delicate but flexible pick. It's hard to describe, but the difference in feeling is almost visceral.

Although this does not make locks 'impossible' to pick, it does make them harder to pick; unless you happen to be a very patient person, you are probably going to want to invest in the perks. It takes my moderately experienced thief a couple of minutes to pick a Master lock. Trust me. Do not download this mod if you find picking locks frustrating: it will only increase that feeling. (Though it might be interesting to try it with Lilyu's lock textures.)

This mod also reduces slightly the experience gains for picking a lock. This was done to offset the increased number of lockpicking attempts required to pick a lock.

This mod is very lightweight and does not use any scripts or alter any perks. It only changes game settings.

Version 1.1


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