Information about all of my current projects, in various state of completion or incompletion, can be found here. I tend to work cyclically, returning to projects after a long hiatus, so some projects which appear to be in a state of abandonment may only be on the back-burners while I develop the skills required for their completion. I am frequently working on half a dozen or more projects at any one given time, which may appear erratic to others, but which works well for myself. If you have questions about any of my mods, please feel free to email me by clicking on my name (on the bottom of any page). If you don't receive a response immediately, please be patient: I don't check my email every day, and I'm probably hard at work on a mod or tutorial.

Active Projects


I've started working on a new version of Balzu that takes advantage of the Skyrim engine. You can still find the old notes about the project here: Balzu on Oblivion. Balzu is a custom world mod and total conversion that I began working on in November of 2009. Balzu is a dark, Gothic fantasy setting with a strong emphasis on horror. I hope to include a lot of interesting sanity effects to make your experience as unpleasant as possible. :D


Shudder is a survival horror RPG total conversion (TC) set in the present day. Shudder is heavily influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and games like Silent Hill and Siren. This is my 'baby' and has been in development conceptually for almost three years now. The mod was originally targetted for the Oblivion engine and later ported to the Fallout 3 engine. Lately, I have begun work on a more detailed design document targetted at the UDK as an independent game. Progress on the mod is very, very slow right now as I learn the new engine and work on improving my modeling and texturing skills.

Abandoned Projects

Deer Point

Recorded for posterity, Deer Point was a mod for Fallout 3 set in Canada with a strong survival horror mood and theme. Tragically, I lost the mod in a hard drive crash. The core concept of this mod is present in Shudder, however, so no real harm has been done.

Curse of Sengray Island

Recorded for posterity, The Curse of Sengray Island (CoSI) was a quest mod for TESIV:Oblivion set on a remote island in the Tamriel universe. It was originally planned as a small mod, but grew like a stubborn mold over the period of several months into a large quest mod, encompassing multiple dungeons, multiple quests, and hundreds of hand-crafted (as opposed to region generated) wilderness cells. The mod was originally shelved but I had picked it up again to incorporate it into Balzu as a quest. Tragically, I lost the actual plugin file and all the work I had done on it in a hard drive crash. The story/quest will still appear in Balzu, eventually.

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