These tutorials are primarily aimed at modders working with the G.E.C.K. or the Construction Set, although they may be of use to people wishing to learn more about the related tools (Bender, MaPZone, etc.). These tutorials are aimed at absolute beginners and take a leisurely pace, so don't feel intimidated if you've never done any of this stuff before.

I should warn you that I am not an expert CG artist or modder, so there may be better or faster ways of doing certain things or inaccuracies in my tutorials; the information I am providing works well enough for me to make it serviceable as an introduction to others, but if you encounter any problems or note any errors please let me know. Also, I will be posting my tutorials as I go, so they may remain in an incomplete state for a longer or shorter period of time. I figure some information is better than none, and there is no point holding on to them until they are polished: they may never reach that state.

Game Development and Design

  1. Program C++ Games with Microsoft Visual C++ (WIP)

Skyrim Tutorials

  1. How to Take Screenshots in Skyrim (HubPages)
  2. How to Change Your Character's Appearance and Name (HubPages)
  3. How to Change the Timescale in Skyrim (HubPages)
  4. How to Remove the Compass and Crosshair in Skyrim (HubPages)
  5. How to Turn Off Quest Markers and Floating Quest Markers (HubPages)
  6. How to Create Beautiful Characters in Skyrim (HubPages)
  7. Ten Rules to Better Role-Playing in Skyrim (HubPages)
  8. How to Build Interesting Characters in Skyrim (HubPages)

Oblivion Tutorials & Data

  1. Modding Oblivion: Introduction to Oblivion Modding (for beginners) (WIP)
  2. Custom Tilesets for Oblivion (WIP)
  3. Animation Data and Notes
  4. Cell Reference Counts and Performance in Oblivion
  5. Random world space data for Oblivion (file size, fps impact for cell ref count, etc.)

Fallout 3 Tutorials & Data

  1. Creating a Custom World Space (WIP)
  2. Region Generation for Fallout 3 World Spaces (WIP)
  3. Generating LOD Data for Custom World Spaces (WIP)
  4. G.E.C.K. Editor Warnings and Solutions

NifSkope Data

  1. Dr. Strangenif, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NifSkope (a collection of random notes)

MaPZone Tutorials

  1. Introduction to MaPZone (three lessons) (WIP)

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